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Every generation is responsible to defend the gospel.  Today, as perhaps never before, our generation is in danger of losing its grasp on biblical truth.  I believe there are several reasons for the dangerous level of biblical illiteracy that characterizes today’s Christian community.  In the late 1800’s,  evangelical Christians began to unite against theological liberalism that was being imported from Germany.  They rightly began to defend such doctrines as the plenary, verbal inspiration of the Scriptures, Christ’s virgin birth and deity.  In the process, they neglected many of the important doctrines that affect an accurate understanding of the gospel.  As a result, many of those doctrines were relegated to the non-essential category, and anyone who wished to initiate a discussion of such teachings was accused of trying to bring division among Christians.  Most decided to remain silent to avoid being blamed for bringing disunity in the Church.

Another factor is the financial motive.  Pastors and evangelists have to eat.  If they are too honest about what the Bible teaches concerning the gospel and its surrounding doctrines, many will be offended.  The gospel is offensive to people who are in a state of sinful nature.  The more specific we become in our explication of the gospel, the more likely such people are to bolt and leave the Pastor holding the empty financial bag.  For this reason, many cowardly Pastors have opted to remain in their guilty silence, rather than acting like men and boldly proclaiming the truth.

Additionally, every Pastor and theological student has been admonished at some point to “put the cookies on the lower shelf so that everyone can reach them.”  The problem is that after a century of feeding on cookies, the church is in a state of severe malnutrition.   Most people who continue to attend some kind of “church” usually endure a “sermon” that consists of nothing but mindless drivel and funny stories.  The art of expository preaching with probing application has been lost in most quarters.  Sound, theological exposition has been replaced by textual and topical messages in which the text the preacher employs is usually, tortured, twisted and jerked from its biblical context.  Without such context, the text can be made to say anything the preacher wants it to teach.  Such preachers have trained their hearers to lust for entertainment and loath sound, biblical teaching.  Being cute is more highly esteemed than being right.  They have produced a generation of theological pygmies.

Finally, churches have redefined the  pastor’s position description.  No longer is he to give himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word.  He has now been reduced to a glorified social worker and counselor whose job it is to hold people’s hands and make them feel better about themselves.  The result is that pastors no longer have sufficient time to study sufficiently to discover the real meaning of the biblical passages they need to expound to their hearers.  They usually resort to stringing together ideas they have heard from other preachers without taking the time to search the Scriptures to find out if they are true.  Thus, they lay one faulty block  on top of another until they have constructed a defective building built on a foundation of sand.

The sad fact is that those who call themselves God’s people love to have it this way.  I am reminded of the verse in Jeremiah 5:31 that says,
”The prophets prophesy falsely,
And the priests rule by their own power;
And My people love to have it so.
But what will you do in the end?”

This blog is dedicated to the restoration of biblical truth in Christ’s church.  I am well aware that there are others online who are also concerned about this need and are working to remedy the problem.  I will be posting links to those sites from time to time.  If you believe you are a kindred spirit with us and would like to be included in our links, please give us an opportunity to consider adding you to our links.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Truth Unchanging”

  1. May 24, 2012 at 2:18 pm


    I am not sure what you are correcting here. I don’t think I recall suggesting that the reprobate will come to Christ or that they are able to do so. It would be lovely if we could identify these people and cull them out so we didn’t have to waste our time teaching them. The truth is that, by nature, they are no different from the elect. The elect of God react in exactly the same way to the preaching of the gospel as do the reprobate until God, in sovereign grace, opens their hearts to the truth. It is not for us to decide who is reprobate and who is elect. Instead, it is our duty to be faithful in proclaiming God’s truth to all with whom we come in contact.

  2. May 24, 2012 at 2:28 pm


    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is true the word “hate” is not always used absolutely in Scripture. At times, it is used comparatively, e.g., Jesus told us we are to “hate” our father and mother. Still, in the context from which Paul cited these words about Jacob and Esau, (Malachi 1), it looks a great deal like hate. “. . .they will be called. . .the people with whom the Lord is angry forever.” (v. 4). Even if we only understood the word comparatively, it would still give the lie to the modern idea that God loves all sinners equally and in the same way.

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