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Love’s Condescension

When Jesus knew the hour had come
That he should make his way back home,
He took a towel and left his seat
To wash his people’s filthy feet.

‘twas greater condescension still,
Though being in the form of God,
He stooped to do his Father’s will
And bore his people’s sinful load.

He laid aside his glory above,
And poured himself into our frame,
Humbled himself and came in love,
And in his bosom bore our blame.

He girt himself with love’s strong bands,
And in our guilty place he stood;
Took squalid souls in holy hands
And washed them spotless in his blood.

And when his work on earth was done
He donned his glorious robes again,
Sat down upon his heavenly throne
In splendid majesty to reign.

His name, above all names sublime,
Our lips shall praise, our souls esteem,
And every knee shall bow to him
Whose love shall be our constant theme.

Randy Seiver

Based on John 13:1-12; Phil. 2:5-11.



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