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Victorious Redemption

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The Sovereign Potter

The Sovereign Potter reigns above;
He sits upon a holy throne.
He shows his justice and his love
And all to make his glory known.

Of the same lump of sinful clay
He fashions some to show his grace,
But then permits the rest to stay
The rebels of a fallen race.

That God his sovereign mercy shows
Is not of him who wills or runs.
He freely grants to those he chose
To see his glory in the Son.

There is a truth that we must trust
That God must save and he alone.
He raises beggars from the dust
To set them on a glorious throne.

Randy Seiver


If I Should Glory

If I should glory let it be
In what the Savior did for me.
I have no merit of my own
My boasting is in Christ alone.

He took my place, he owned my guilt,
His blood in innocence was spilt.
He crowned my head with righteousness
All through the triumph of his grace.

Before God’s throne I stand complete
In him who suffered for my sin.
His beauty has become my own;
My righteousness before God’s throne.

To think that in my place he stood,
Condemned to bear my load of sin
The spotless Lamb, the Son of God,
My mind can scarcely take it in.

Condemned before God’s judgment bar
Because he bore my guilt for sin
‘Tis greater love, yes greater far
Than I could ever comprehend.

He bore my sin upon the tree;
My heart is glad, my soul if free
It is my honor to confess
I wear his robe of righteousness.

Randy Seiver


There Is A Priest In Heav’n Above

There is a Priest in heav’n above
Who now appears before God’s throne.
My name is written on his heart
He deigns to name me as his own.

As long as he is there for me
To plead my cause before my God.
My heart is free, my conscience clean
Since he has borne my awful load.

He once appeared at ages’ end
To put away my guilt and sin.
He, by his sacrifice and blood,
Has reconciled my soul to God.

To those who watch for his return
He will appear on earth again.
This time he brings no sacrifice
But comes to free us from all sin.

Randy Seiver

Based on Hebrews 9:24-28


Salvation Does Not Come Alone

Salvation does not come alone
But always brings its fellows.
There’s faith that works, hope that endures
And love that pumps the bellows.

We show our love for God above
Not by our grand profession
But by our service to his folks
And by our faith’s progression.

If we would have assurance true
It will require persistence,
To know our hopes are founded well,
In spite of all resistance.

If we would know that we are heirs
Of God’s great gospel promise,
We must with faith and patience run
To seize the prize before us.

Randy Seiver
Based on Heb. 6:9-12


If I Should Boast

If I should boast let it not be
In works that I have done
But in the work that Christ has wrought,
And in his work alone.

Those deeds that seemed a gain to me
In which I dared to boast;
The very best that I have done
I now consider loss.

I glory now in Christ above
Who sits upon his throne.
His Spirit leads my soul to boast
And revel in the Son.

And now I have no confidence
In what the flesh can do.
My faith is founded on the rock,
My Savior ever true.

To know the Lord, be found in Him,
My quest that will endure,
And in his righteousness alone
My soul now rests secure.

Randy Seiver

Based on Phil. 3:3-9


Romans 2 teaches NCT

Romans 2:12-16 For all who have sinned without the law will also perish without the law, and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law. For it is not the hearers of the law who ar…

Source: Romans 2 teaches NCT


My Soul is Free

My soul is free, I have no doubt
That he will never cast me out,
For all who come to Christ the Lord
Who rest upon his certain Word
Were given to him before all time,
The Father’s gift of love divine.

The Father gave me to the Son
Whose will was with the Father’s one.
Of all the Father gave the Son,
He will not lose not even one,
But on the last of days will come
To raise them as his very own.

Naught but free grace could move my soul.
I could not come; I would not move.
My heart was dead and hard and cold
Toward him who merited my love.
I would have died in sin’s dark grasp
Had he not drawn me to his fold.

The Word of prophesy is plain
That of those given to the Son
All will be taught by God within
And learn to glory in his name.
And all who’ve heard and learned of him
Will come to rest on Christ, the Lamb.

Randy Seiver

Based on John 6:37-44


My Soul’s Anchor

There is no confidence so strong,
No promise more secure
Than that which rests on God’s own Word
And on his oath so sure.

On these two grounds that never fail
Our weary souls may rest.
We have a God who cannot lie;
His pledge will stand the test.

Because there is no greater name
On which to swear his oath,
He pledges by himself alone
And thus secures his truth.

His counsel will not ever change,
I know he cannot lie.
My hopes rest with my Priest above
Who will not ever die.

He stands within the veil on high;
He shows his hands and side.
I know that while he pleads for me
My God is satisfied.

My hopes are anchored firm and sure
With my great Priest who died.
He bears my name upon his heart;
I need no hope beside.

Randy Seiver

Based on Hebrews 6:13-20


He is Worthy!

Marked by choice without condition,
Pardoned through Immanuel’s blood,
Saints from every tribe and nation
Gather round the throne of God.

Lion of Judah’s tribe, victorious
Root of David’s royal line.
Now he stands, the Lamb all glorious,
Clothed in majesty divine.

Out of every tribe and nation
Saints are gathered round the throne
Praising him for full salvation
All to make his glory known.

Worthy is the song they’re singing,
Worthy is the Lamb who is slain,
Since he died to bring salvation
And has risen on high to reign.

See them bowing to the Savior,
Casting crowns before His throne,
Praising him for sovereign favor
Freely lavished on his own.

Glory, honor, and salvation,
Give they to Jehovah’s name,
And with voices, loud as thunder,
Praise the Lamb who with him reigns.

Myriads of angelic beings
Join them in their sacred hymn,
Giving equal glory and blessing
Unto God and to the Lamb.

Every creature joins the chorus.
Every tongue is made to sing.
Even the foulest fiend in Hades
Must bow down to Christ the King.

Let us, then, bring songs of praises;
Let us bow before the throne.
Let us honor and adore him.
Let us make his glory known.