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Misrepresentation–always look for the dots.

I just discovered that Paul Dohse Sr. posted an out of context comment I made regarding his book, “The Truth About New Calvinism.” The statement is as follows: “ . . .the book is well written, easy to read, and provides interesting information about the history of Jon Zen’s association with Brinsmead, Westminster Seminary etc.”

~Randy Seiver, Th.M, Westminster Seminary

This is characteristic of all those who like to misrepresent other’s views. If you would like to know what I actually had to say about his book, see my review here. My advice to you is, always look for and beware of the dots.

In these times when the gospel is under attack as perhaps never before, it is important that we approach issues with intellectual and theological integrity. I see no problem with honest disagreements, but we should, at least, be honest about our opponent’s positions.