He is Worthy!

Marked by choice without condition,
Pardoned through Immanuel’s blood,
Saints from every tribe and nation
Gather round the throne of God.

Lion of Judah’s tribe, victorious
Root of David’s royal line.
Now he stands, the Lamb all glorious,
Clothed in majesty divine.

Out of every tribe and nation
Saints are gathered round the throne
Praising him for full salvation
All to make his glory known.

Worthy is the song they’re singing,
Worthy is the Lamb who is slain,
Since he died to bring salvation
And has risen on high to reign.

See them bowing to the Savior,
Casting crowns before His throne,
Praising him for sovereign favor
Freely lavished on his own.

Glory, honor, and salvation,
Give they to Jehovah’s name,
And with voices, loud as thunder,
Praise the Lamb who with him reigns.

Myriads of angelic beings
Join them in their sacred hymn,
Giving equal glory and blessing
Unto God and to the Lamb.

Every creature joins the chorus.
Every tongue is made to sing.
Even the foulest fiend in Hades
Must bow down to Christ the King.

Let us, then, bring songs of praises;
Let us bow before the throne.
Let us honor and adore him.
Let us make his glory known.


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