If God Is For Us

If God Himself is for us,
Who can against us stand?
Shall we not join the chorus
In Canaan’s happy land?
‘Twas He who sent the Savior
To shed his own life’s blood,
And what can now be lacking
To bring us home to God?

Who now can justly charge us
With sins against the Lord,
Since He’s declared us righteous
Through Jesus and his blood?
Shall Jesus now condemn us
Who died and rose again?
Shall He who prays in heaven
Now charge us with our sin?

Who then can separate us
From this great love of God?
Shall trials and troubles rob us
Of all this purchased good?
No! Though we’re daily slaughtered,
And slain on his behalf,
We’re more than overcomers
Who rest in Him by faith.


1 Response to “If God Is For Us”

  1. August 4, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Amen! And the Lord our God said Fear not man who can only kill your body. Fear Him, I say, who can throw body and soul into hell! I would observe that if He who can throw body and soul into hell is for us, we have nothing to fear! And if ye be in Christ, there is – therefore – no condemnation for you!

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