Test Your Knowledge of Calvinistic Doctrine.

True or False
1. That Calvinists believe in limited atonement means they believe there are people in the world whom God would not justify based on the death of Christ even if they accounted God faithful to fulfil his promise to save all who call on him. That is, even if they believed the gospel, God would not save them.
2. Since Calvinists believe in limited atonement, it is disingenuous for them to tell sinners God will save them if they believe.
3. The Apostles and other gospel preachers whose messages are recorded in the New Testament Scriptures all told their audiences, “Jesus died for you,” when they preached the gospel.
4. If Calvinists are right, there is no need to proclaim the gospel since all God’s elect will be saved whether they hear the gospel or not.
5. That Calvinists believe in irresistible grace means that sinners have no choice in the matter of salvation. God simply forces some people to believe whether they want to or not.
6. That Calvinists believe in total depravity means all sinners act as sinfully as they are capable of acting.
7. That Calvinists believe in total depravity means they don’t believe sinners have any awareness of God or any conscience concerning right or wrong.
8. That Calvinists believe in total depravity means they don’t believe sinners in a state of sinful nature are able to perform acts that most everyone would consider good and helpful to their fellow man.
9. That Calvinists believe in election means they believe there are some people who truly want to be saved but God won’t let them because he hasn’t chosen them.
10. That Calvinists believe in the perseverance of the saints means they believe once a person makes a profession of faith, he is saved for eternity even if he should later stop believing.
11. That Calvinists believe in the perseverance of the saints means a person can’t know if he/she is saved until the judgment.
12. The Calvinist’s doctrine of election does not mean a believer has been chosen to eternal life. It simply means he has been chosen to run the race. His eternal status depends completely on his faithfulness in running the race. They think if a believer is unfaithful in running the race he will be lost.
13. Calvinist doctrine so closely parallels the doctrine of the Gnostics that Calvinists could rightly be called Gnostics.
14. Calvinists deny the doctrine of the Trinity since they teach that Jesus Christ is the full expression of the good, true, and beautiful while representing the other members of the Trinity as lesser forms.
15. Calvinists believe that justification is progressive.
16. Since Calvinists believe all justifying righteousness is outside a believer, it is clear they don’t think God produces any righteousness in believers in the works of regeneration and sanctification.
17. Calvinists confuse and conflate God’s works of justification and sanctification.
18. Calvinists believe sinners are like stocks and stones that have no will and cannot make choices freely.
19. The real issue in whether Jesus’ redeeming work was limited or not concerns its sufficiency to save all sinners.
20. A real Calvinist is a person who believes everything Calvin ever wrote. They actually place Calvin’s writings above the Scriptures.

Scroll down to find the answers.
There is not a single statement that is true. The answer to every one should be FALSE. It is interesting that I copied and pasted many of the statements from blogs dedicated to the overthrow of Calvinism. If the above statements were true, I would join them in the fight to rid the world of these teachings. I would be delighted to discuss in detail any of the above statements you might think are true and show you why, according to Calvinistic doctrine, they are not.

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Remember, to those who lack the will to know the truth, nothing is as mysterious as the obvious.


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