Don’t tell Me What I Believe!

Do you remember when a person was able to say what he believed and other people took his word for it? Others may have disagreed, but at least they disagreed with what a person stated as his belief.

Things have changed. Now a person must not only defend what he believes; he must also convince others he doesn’t believe what they falsely accuse him of believing. If he should try explaining his views, these people will accuse him of engaging in doublespeak in an effort to deceive.

Recently, I have been told I believe sinners don’t receive Christ willingly. They have to be forced to believe against their wills. Additionally, I have been told I believe that justification is progressive. Boy, that was news to me. I always taught and wrote that justification occurred when a person believed the gospel so that he never became any more righteous in God’s sight than he was the instant he believed. It seems whatever I claim to believe, someone will be there to tell me I don’t truly believe it at all. I have even been told I am a Gnostic. This is not even to mention the “stinking, Antinomian heretic” comments.

If these people are Christians, imagine how nasty they would be if they were unconverted. Is it just me, or do people to seem to be going out of their way to be dishonest about what others believe?

I just learned today on one of the sites I was visiting that C. H. Spurgeon believed in “free will.” That really came as news to me, and I am certain it would have come as news to him, since he preached a sermon entitled “Free Will-A Slave.” It is available at rediscoveringthebible.com/SpurgeonFreeWill.pdf. I was told recently that I must believe God is a determinist deity who forces people to act contrary to his revealed will. When I denied believing that, I was virtually called a liar. Are these people just stupid or are they deliberating misrepresenting the facts? I don’t know, but wouldn’t it be nice if our confessions of personal belief could just be taken at face value?

I purpose that we disagree if we must, but let’s allow others to state their views without questioning their truthfulness or instructing them as to what they MUST believe.


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