The Rules for Commenting Here.

If you wish to engage in a meaningful discussion of issues related to the doctrines of grace or New Covenant Theology, I would like to state the following rules:

1. Be respectful. If you don’t tell me I have an unregenerate heart and that I am a wicked false teacher, I won’t tell you you’re ugly and your mother wears combat boots.

2. You can’t tell me what I believe. I will tell you what I believe and then you may react to that, not to what you think I might believe.

3. Each person must define the other person’s position to that person’s satisfaction before he may object to it or comment on it.

4. If you want to allege that a person believes a certain doctrine, you must produce complete and somewhat extensive citations from that person’s writings to demonstrate your claims.

5. Deal with one issue at a time. Don’t raise another issue until you have adequately responded to the answer you have received to the last question. Once a question has been discussed to both parties’ satisfaction, then and then only should we move on to a different question. Remember, a fool can raise more questions in five minutes than a wise man can answer in a lifetime.

6. If you don’t accept the Scriptures [the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments] as inspired by God, inerrant, and fully authoritative in all matters of faith and practice, don’t bother commenting. We have no mutual basis of authority and such a discussion would be meaningless.

If you don’t follow the rules, you will be asked not to come back.

“To those who lack the will to know the truth, nothing is so mysterious as the obvious.”

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