Answer key for Twenty Questions

True or False?

1. F The basis of our justification is totally outside of us in Christ.
2. T
3. F The imputed righteousness of Christ is the basis of justification. Faith is the hand that receives it.
4. F Justification is totally outside of us. In itself, it doesn’t change our character.
5. F Christ’s righteousness is not infused but imputed for justification.
6. F Both justification and sanctification are a work of faith, and both are a work of God’s grace.
7. F justification is based on Christ’s imputed righteousness.
8. F Through faith, God has already declared believers righteous in his sight. see Rom. 5:1
9. F Romans 6:1ff
10. T
11. T
12. F
13. F See Phil. 2:12-13
14. F Repentance is a purpose of heart to bring our sins to Jesus that he might save us from them. It is an acknowledgment of our helplessness. Faith is an acknowledgment of his ability.
15. T See Hebrews 3:6

Multiple Choice

16. C
17. A
18. B & C
19. C &. D
20. B


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