Children in the Market Place

It seems to me there are people who are nothing but fault finders, even if there is no fault to find. I seem to encounter such people on many of the sites I visit. If you should remark that the sunset was beautiful last night, they would say, “Aha! you must be a sun worshipper.” I have found that when I confront them about their misrepresentation of the facts, they simply refuse to answer me. Or, if they answer, it is usually with an insult, calling me names like “stinking Antinomian heretic.”

I visited such as site today and read a blog that was posted in February about John Piper, the heretic. They seem to love the word “heretic.” I truly think the deal is that a “heretic” is someone who is getting more attention than they are. The young man who hosts this blog seems to be a nice enough guy but is weak minded enough to follow others in their attacks on God’s servants. Who knows, perhaps it was in an effort to please his cohort in the coalition against New Calvinism that he attacked Piper. Still, I found his post to be very revealing.

The post was about John Piper’s view on the golden chain of redemption in Romans 8:30, and why sanctification was not mentioned. Though my view happens to be a bit different from that of Piper, I found no difficulty with his statement. This is what Piper wrote,

When Paul jumps directly from justification to glorification he is not passing over sanctification, because in his mind that process is synonymous with the first phase of glorification and begins at conversion.

The following was the hosts response to Piper’s statement:

The first phase of glorification begins at conversion? Regeneration?

This is absurd brethren. And how many ‘phases’ does glorification have? Obviously, Dr. Piper takes this view in order to adhere to his ‘Christian hedonism’ theory and continue to promote the gospel contemplation heresy of ‘beholding is becoming.’

It’s sufficient enough to dismiss John Pipers teaching on glorification knowing that he has denied:

Glorification is future

That glorification is connected with the destruction of the present earth and being replaced with a new heaven and new earth.

And that glorification cannot possibly begin before Christians are completely free from the original curse of sin.

In light of the clear word of Scripture, what Dr. Piper is saying is just plain silly and unhelpful.

Now, maybe I am just thick, but I completely missed those statements in what Piper wrote in which he denied any of those things. If you can find them, please point them out to me.

The real kicker is this; the host had written the following at the beginning of his post:

Glorification is the last link in the so-called golden chain of salvation in the Ordo Salutis, the order of salvation. It is the final goal as well as the purpose for the entire redemptive history of man. It is the last stage of the sanctification process, that is of our ethical sanctification, of actually, truly, being made holy, righteous.

Both Piper and the host state the same truth albeit conversely. Piper stated, “sanctification is the first phase of glorification and begins at conversion;” the host stated, “It [glorification] is the last stage in the sanctification process.”

For Piper, sanctification is the beginning of the process that ends in glorification, for the host, glorification is the end of the process that begins with regeneration.

Both describe the same process.

One uses the term “phase.” The other uses the term “stage.” Both seem to understand that glorification involves conformity to Christ’s image. Both seem to understand that the process of conforming the believer to Christ’s image began at conversion. Both seem to understand that the process will be complete in glorification.

The difference is, when the host says it, he is a hero; when Piper says it, he is a heretic.


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