Are you positive?

There is no question we are to stand against certain doctrines, trends, activities, etc., but should our lives be “defined” by our stand against something? This certainly was not true of the apostle Paul. He wrote, “For to me to live, is Christ. . . .” “This one thing I do, . . . .I press toward the mark. . . .” That defined his life. Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” That defined his life.

People who are for something are winsome and winning others to the path of truth. People who are always hunting heresy, usually where it does not exist, appear bitter, caustic, and censorious. One gets the idea that if they could, they would burn those with whom they disagree at the stake.

One of my professors gave me what I believe was sage advice. He said, “If a venomous viper crosses your path, kill it; but don’t spend your valuable time snake hunting.”

We don’t need to waste a great deal of time teaching people what counterfeit bills look like if we have taught them to recognize a genuine bill. If people know the truth, they will spot error in a heartbeat.

Our friend Dan Cartwright over at “born4battle” has written a great post on “heresy hunting” this morning that you ought to read.

We both agree there are battles we must fight, and at times the dust of battle can obstruct our clear vision of the goal. We must be negative at times, but let’s not let that “define” us.


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